Charlotte City Council's opportunity to invest in PEOPLE

On February 12, Charlotte City Council voted 7-3 to recriminalize six ordinances geared to address "Quality-of-Life” issues Uptown. While the ordinances under consideration do not exclusively relate to homelessness, many are directed at unsheltered homelessness and will certainly disproportionately impact people sleeping outside. 

What to Know

These are the six ordinances that were criminalized:

* These 4 ordinances were the focus of Roof Above's advocacy efforts.

We had a great turnout of supporters and more than 20 speakers from a variety of perspectives, including lawyers, a judge, a doctor, an Uptown resident, preachers, an advocate with lived experience of homelessness, and a street outreach leader -- all encouraging Council to invest in true solutions to homelessness.

The motion passed 7 - 3 (Dr. Watlington was absent), with Johnson, Brown, and Mayfield being the three votes against.

Several Council members indicated in their remarks a willingness to invest more in true solutions.

There are now two port-a-johns with daily cleaning on the property of the Hal Marshall building at Tryon and 11th Street. The city has also committed to purchasing two Portland-Loos as a more permanent solution for 24-7 bathroom access.We 

Why we care

While the ordinances that were criminalized do not exclusively relate to homelessness, many are directed at unsheltered homelessness and will certainly disproportionately impact people sleeping outside. We must recognize the significant behavioral health and life challenges facing our neighbors in homelessness; we must recognize that our emergency shelter system is operating at capacity; and we must recognize the limits and potential harms of a law-enforcement response to a much deeper issue.

we urge city council to invest in the following:


HOW to help advocate for those we serve

We want to ensure City Council members are aware of our community's deep interest in investing in solutions to homelessness.

Budget Listening Session Details:

Throughout the months of February and March, the City of Charlotte will be hosting Budget Listening Sessions to receive feedback from residents on the city's budget process. Each listening session will allow attendees to hear more about the budgeting process, ask questions, and provide feedback. There are three upcoming sessions, two of which you can attend virtually: 

  • -FY '25 Budget Listening Session #2: Tuesday, February 20 at 9 a.m. (VIRTUAL)
  • -FY '25 Budget Listening Session #3: Thursday, March 14, at 6 p.m. (IN-PERSON | Eastway Rec | 3150 Castaway Park Dr)
  • -FY '25 Budget Listening Session #4: Wednesday, March 20, at 11:30 a.m. (VIRTUAL)

To register, click here and select the listening session that fits your schedule.

How You Can Help:

Attend the Sessions: Our continued voice for an investment in true solutions to homelessness will build upon our recent advocacy efforts.

Share Your Priorities: While attending, Roof Above encourages you to support efforts to provide housing and shelter for those experiencing homelessness. The more voices we have, the greater the chance of influencing positive change.  


if you have questions, email Joe Hamby


Together for Change

At Roof Above (formerly Urban Ministry Center and Men’s Shelter of Charlotte), we believe that home is critical to provide safety, stability, and dignity in people’s lives. We offer everything from street outreach to shelter and housing, reaching more than 1,300 people every day. Click here to learn more about our work.