SABER Treatment Program

We honor the profound worth
of each life and believe recovery is possible.

Our SABER treatment program, which began in 2006, offers substance use treatment to men experiencing homelessness and struggling with addiction. Abstinence-contingent, rent-free housing is offered for nine months while participating in the program.

Program Overview

  • Combines three months of treatment (psychoeducational classes and individual and group therapy) with six months of continuing care.

Program Outcomes

  • 85% of participants complete the first 90 days of intensive outpatient treatment. 
  • Overall the program achieves a 55% success rate after nine months compared with the national average of 20% for other recovery programs. 
  • We proudly share our program outcomes.

Program Entry

  • Clinicians refer eligible participants. 
  • Participants must identify as male, be experiencing homelessness, and be currently unemployed but willing and able to obtain work once the three months of treatment is completed. 

The 9-month program is divided into two phases:
Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) & Continuing Care (CC).

Phase One - Intensive Outpatient Treatment

During this time, participants’ schedules are highly structured with the following activities: 
  • Psychoeducational classes, including individual and group therapy
  • Recreational activities, including yoga, gardening, and a wellness program.
  • Weekly NA/AA meetings
Participants are given the opportunity to earn money on Walmart gift cards by achieving weekly goals. Research shows that incentives, no matter the size, can make a significant difference in keeping individuals motivated.

Phase Two - Continuing Care

After the first three months of substance use treatment, participants transition to Continuing Care. During this time participants: 
  • Obtain full-time employment or pursue additional job training/education
  • Participate in group therapy sessions 
  • Undergo regular testing for the presence of drugs or alcohol 
We are grateful to the ABC Board for partially funding SABER with an annual donation since 2007. If you have questions about SABER, please contact Ronica Foster, Clinical Director, at