CommunityWorks 945: Renovations from the Inside Out

May 6, 2014

Community Works TeesCommunityWorks 945 is excited to be back to our usual programming in our newly renovated space. It is now equipped with a conference room, ample office space, a washer/dryer for Running Works, and Street Soccer equipment. I, for one, especially appreciate the new washer/dryer since the smell of runners’ and soccer players’ equipment affects the freshness of my workspace. But more important than the smell of the CommunityWorks space, is the feeling of a fresh start for staff, volunteers, and participants alike.

CommunityWorks 945 programs, which include ArtWorks, Street Soccer, Voices of Love Choir, and GardenWorks, all have the same purpose: to engage neighbors in order to help them set and achieve their goals. A new space is a chance to revamp the drive of participants to achieve their aspirations.

The space is not the only new component of CommunityWorks. During renovations, the CommunityWorks staff strategized how to serve the participants more thoughtfully and effectively. The ways we seek to accomplish this are through a new intake process, survey, and volunteer opportunities.

When participants wish to join one of our programs, Pete Fink, the CommunityWorks Director, meets with them one-on-one to set goals. We have created a new matrix to make this process more efficient than ever by having a point system that will help us understand how to best serve each individual. This new process will also help our staff and volunteers understand each participant’s goals and therefore know how to encourage them in succeeding in their goals.

Secondly, we have created a new survey that participants will take every 3 months. This survey is our answer to figuring out how effective our programs are at moving individuals out of homelessness. This survey will allow participants to give feedback so we can improve our programs to better serve them. It will also allow us to share statistics and facts with our supporters to keep everyone on the same page.

Lastly, we have created new volunteer opportunities and are planning events that require even higher levels of volunteer engagement. With new programming, we will need the support of our volunteers to attain optimal results. We are looking for someone to help us enter survey and intake data into our system. We are also in need of a CommunityWorks specific counselor to help CommunityWorks staff stay aware of participants needs and to make sure we are not duplicating services.

We also have new events and campaigns we are excited to introduce. Our Community 400 campaign invites the community to donate a number 1-400 to help end homelessness in Charlotte. If all of the numbers are donated, we will have raised about $80,000. We are in need of volunteers to be ambassadors for this campaign and get their churches, schools, workplaces, families, etc. involved.

We will also be hosting the Street Soccer invitational this summer in Uptown Charlotte. We have many fun volunteer opportunities associated with this event that we are recruiting for presently.

We know that the changes to the CommunityWorks 945 program will help our participants achieve their goals. We also hope that our new volunteer opportunities will allow volunteers to get involved in ways that fit their strengths and gifts. Please email Laura Lawandales  if you would like more information on our new programs and/or volunteer opportunities. Thank you!

Community Works art room