5 Year Old Carly’s Act of Kindness

August 25, 2015

Through her selfless acts of kindness, 5 ½ year old Carly Crysler, teaches us all that you’re never too young to make a difference.

Carly, who just started kindergarten, tells me that she has always made art and was even voted Most Creative by her preschool. “It’s just her thing” mom Heather Crysler says to me as I look through some of Carly’s latest works of art. Carly creates all of her art from recycled goods. She shows me a guitar made out of egg cartons, necklaces made of old bottle caps, and her newest sculpture called, Apple Pie. I cannot help but be amazed at her ingenuity and creativity. The dining room of the Crysler’s home is dedicated entirely to art and during my visit Carly and her younger brother Dane proudly show it off to me.

CarlyMerging her love of art with helping the community, this summer Carly decided she wanted to help the homeless in Charlotte by selling her artwork. This desire was sparked when she came uptown to see a production of Annie at the Belk Theatre. Outside of theatre on the streets, Carly noticed some of our homeless neighbors. Her parents had spoken to her in the past about homelessness and she and her family keep our neighbors in their prayers. While they were still on her mind, inside the building Carly noticed an art gallery where some art was for sale. She had never thought about selling her art before but at that moment Carly realized, “I could sell my art and give the money to people who are homeless!”

And that is exactly what Carly did. She decided to have an online auction of her recycled artwork and all the proceeds were given to the Urban Ministry Center. Her dad, Brad Crysler, knew about the Urban Ministry Center through Street Soccer 945 and decided that UMC was just the place they wanted to give the money to.

Rather than recognition, Carly and her family want others to be inspired by her story. They now hope someone else will use their own passions to help others in need.