Blessed by a Neighbor

March 8, 2016

Carmel Presbyterian Church is one of many houses of faith that provides shelter and fellowship for our neighbors during Room In The Inn. This article is from “The Carmel Letter,” and reprinted with Ed’s permission.

The recent Room In The Inn session on January 18 was a real blessing for me. Boy Scout Troop #79 prepared and served a very hearty and delicious meal which was topped off by some wonderful homemade banana pudding. The neighbors ate well and really seemed to enjoy and appreciate the meal. I sat at a table with two neighbors and had some good conversation.

During this time I mentioned that I like to walk early in the morning. And that I had changed my route to be closer and more convenient to my house since my wife had recent knee surgery. I told them that this new route took me down the sidewalk of a very busy street and that the cars just zoomed by not always adhering to the speed limit. One of the neighbors asked if I wore anything special to identify myself when I walk. I told him no and he said please let me help you.

reflector vestHe then got up, went to his sleep area, reached into his duffel bag and pulled something out but at that time I could not see what it was. The neighbor then walked back to the dining area and handed me a reflector vest. I politely told him that I couldn’t take something that he might need. He then explained that some jobs that he goes on require him to wear a reflector vest. But he assured me that he had another one in his duffel bag and that he wanted me to be safer when I walk.

I am proud to say that I now walk wearing the reflector vest and knowing that I have been blessed by a neighbor. Praise the Lord for our neighbors who come to Carmel to get blessed and who also bless us!