Eagle Scout Improvements at Urban Ministry Center

September 20, 2016

As summer officially comes to a close this week, we wanted to recognize a few scouts who made 2016 the summer of campus improvements at 945 N College Street! Troop 16 at First Presbyterian Church has become very familiar with Urban Ministry Center as three scouts, Michael Quartapella, Nick Quartapella, and Rich Pope each completed their Eagle Scout Projects with a little help from their friends.

Michael’s project focused on replacing our very fancy plywood holding back the ground along Tryon Street with a really lovely brick retaining wall. His robust volunteer team took only half the time planned to complete the project and Michael said “I loved how the neighbors kept coming up to me and telling me what a great job I was doing, and they even enjoyed sitting on the wall at the end of my project.” They still do.

Nick’s building materials mirrored his brother’s, but he had some more serious demolition to do, removing scrub trees, old railroad ties and more. The area along the parking lot is greatly improved with a formal retaining wall and fully mulched yard.

Rich’s work took place in the garden, replacing a hazardous table with benches, and a broken cold-frame lid. The new table looks great, but most importantly, it’s safe again!

Our thanks to these scouts who have improved both the safety and the beauty of our grounds, making Urban Ministry Center a more inviting place for our neighbors.

Michael's Retaining Wall along Tryon St

Nick's retaining wall along the parking lot

Rich's garden table