Bench Project Empowers Artists

September 25, 2019

Earlier this summer, the ArtWorks945 studio engaged with community members to paint our campus benches. Artists designed their own bench and were encouraged to lead our guests in implementing their designs. It was a creative and empowering moment for our artists and volunteers, helping to bridge the gap between the housed and unhoused.

You’ll find all the benches at our 945 N College Street campus where the Art Studio is located and they have been a welcome addition, brightening up the property with encouraging words, honoring important ideas in people’s lives, or just trying to get a laugh.

Gallery of completed benches:

ArtWorks945 utilizes the power of art to create a therapeutic space for transformative relationships and opportunities to work toward permanent housing. Our studio is open 4 days a week offering a safe space, supplies, and social support to program participants, as well as volunteers. Exploring creative expression together helps break down walls between the housed and unhoused.

This video, recently shared by Invisible People, gives a great glimpse into the studio workings:

You can support the ArtWorks 945 Program and its artists by attending our Annual Art Show, held this year on Saturday, October 5, 4-7pm. 50% of each art piece purchase goes directly to the artist, and the other 50% helps sustain the program. More Art Show info here.