Since 2012, Moore Place is Home

January 13, 2021

At Roof Above we celebrate every time someone moves into housing. This month we also celebrate the 9th anniversary of Moore Place, which first opened its doors nine years ago to provide permanent supportive housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness.

Since January 2012, nearly 300 of Charlotte’s most vulnerable neighbors have been welcomed home to Moore Place. While many have moved on, 28 of the original 85 tenants are still with us (plus 10 of the 35 who moved into our 2016 expansion). The foundation of a good night’s sleep, peace of mind, and stability, together with on-site supportive services, allows people to work on goals and to remain housed, evidence that housing is the solution to homelessness.

Stephen McQueen, Chief Program Officer of Housing at Roof Above, summarizes, “We are so pleased that we have been able to provide a place where people feel welcome, safe and cared about.  Moore Place is home.”

Beyond the numbers are the individuals and their unique stories. Jesse Minter moved into Moore Place after nearly four years of homelessness. He’s a man of few words when describing his life on the street, but his words are impactful.

“I slept in all kind of places, in the woods when it was clear, different places when it rained. I slept under the bridge at 3rd Street for a year-and-a-half. It was a learning experience for sure, adapting from having work and family to hustling every day to survive.”

A peer support counselor at Promise Resource Network, a Roof Above community partner, helped Jesse get into Moore Place in June 2020. When asked what move-in day was like, Jesse paused. He was masked due to COVID-19 protocols and only his eyes were visible. Tears began to form, and his voice caught as he said, “That day was an awesome blessing for sure. It was very much a relief. I love it here.”

With his newfound stability, Jesse has re-established a connection with his daughter and is in contact with her almost every day.

On the windowsill and shelves in Jesse’s apartment is a carefully arranged collection of more than 100 small rocks that he has gathered over time. He explains, “Each one is about a moment in my life.”

We’re so glad that Jesse has a special place to display these symbols of his life’s journey. We celebrate him and all our tenants who call Moore Place home.