Making a Difference – Heather

October 23, 2021

Today we celebrate National Make A Difference Day by introducing you to Heather. As a housing navigation & mental health specialist at Roof Above, Heather’s work extends from street outreach to mental health support for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. She emphasizes the importance of understanding trauma and that every person’s experience is unique.

“As an agency, we strive to see through an informed lens. We can’t deny the trauma that the effects of homelessness can bring to an individual,” Heather says.“We want to create a safe space for our neighbors so we can work together on a treatment plan and goals that they choose.” Heather says, “There can be anxiety for someone trying to navigate a system and that’s where we come in. Everyone is deserving of housing, and everyone is deserving of mental health treatment. They get to choose their best next step and we walk with them in that process. We want to ensure that everyone moves beyond just surviving. We want to see our neighbors thriving,” says Heather

We are grateful for Heather’s commitment as she walks alongside our neighbors experiencing homelessness, connecting them to resources, and creating a space for partners and agencies to provide mental health services.