From Serving our Community to Serving our Country

January 13, 2022

From serving our community to serving our country, Caleb Sauls – an outreach team member – will be transitioning to a role in the intelligence division in the United States military this month. Caleb has worked at Roof Above since the beginning of the pandemic and was part of the team that safely transported hundreds of individuals from the ‘tent city’ encampment to shelter within 72 hours. “When I started this work, my goal was to show up every day for the people I served… Along the way, no matter what my situation was or who I was working with, my team was always my source of empowerment.”  

In his time at our Day Serices Center, Caleb has met people where they are and attributes many of his skills to what he has learned in the last two years. “I think my biggest takeaway was learning how to communicate trust, and rely on the people I work with”, Caleb says, “In this role I had the ability to protect people, to be an advocate, to inspire and grow others.”  

As Caleb moves forward in the military, he will be entering boot camp mid-January and heading to Officer Candidate School where he plans to focus on intelligence and to grow his skills as a leader and a crisis manager. His passion for leadership will place him in a position to lead a unit of soldiers to carry out their mission. “I want to give people who have to do challenging work, the same compassion and care that I’ve received. Because when you’re given something, you must ultimately give it.” 


Caleb’s impact has not only spread to those we serve, but to our staff as well. Randall, our VP of Engagement, wrote a heart-felt note describing his heart for service and dedication to the work.

Caleb says, “I believe where my skillset is now is suited for an application in the military. Ultimately, I’m not sure where I’ll end up, but I want my contribution to leave the world better than I found it.” 

Thank you Caleb for your radical compassion, dedication and impact to our mission. We wish you the very best in your next chapter.