Project Roof CLT: Sharing Information to Welcome Everyone Home

May 16, 2022

Sharing Information and Inspiration to Welcome Everyone Home 

Over the past decade, Charlotte has earned national media attention for creating housing solutions that work. Now there’s a resource to help leaders in other cities learn from our experience.  

The website for Project Roof CLT shares a powerfully simple message: the proven solution to homelessness is housing.  

Public-private partnerships in Charlotte have moved people from homelessness into housing by using innovative solutions – ranging from permanent supportive housing to temporary rental subsidies.  

Visitors to the website can: 

  • Listen to podcast interviews about overcoming barriers  
  • Watch videos of real clients sharing their stories 
  • Read blogs about creating collaborations 
  • Request access to the budgets and blueprints library for the practical details that transform a vision into reality 

The website features four categories of Solutions in Housing:  

  • Moore Place, offering permanent supportive housing for individuals who are chronically homeless.  
  • A Way Home Housing Endowment, providing temporary rental subsidies for working families through a public-private partnership. 
  • NOAH (Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing), including efforts to repurpose existing apartment complexes like HillRock Estates 
  • Faith in Housing, featuring ways various religious organizations create housing solutions.  

“We’ve heard from cities across the country who want to replicate the solutions we’ve created in Charlotte,” said Liz Clasen-Kelly, CEO of Roof Above. “It’s been a privilege to share our knowledge. The Project Roof CLT site is a great way to amplify our reach and consolidate what we’ve learned.”  

The site was funded by a generous donor who is passionate about inspiring and empowering other cities to replicate what works.  

Visit Project Roof CLT to learn more: