Give a Gift for a Good Cause

December 14, 2022

Becca Smythe is passionate about helping kids grow and learn. She also has a heart for people experiencing homelessness. Becca noticed many children could use some help learning proper etiquette for using cell phones. So, she decided to do something – and to do it for a good cause!  

 She’s written a simple book titled Sammy Cell Phone. The content is straightforward and colorful to help preschoolers learn device manners from an early age. It’s designed to prevent private conversations from being aired in public, to stop loud voices in quiet places, and to keep ringtones from interrupting performances or places of worship.  

“It feels like kids are missing out on the world around them because they’re constantly on their phones,” she says. “I don’t see why kids have to have their phones everywhere they go.”  

 In addition to helping kids learn what’s appropriate, the book is designed to support a cause close to Becca’s heart. She was first introduced to Roof Above through her church’s participation in the Room In the Inn program.  

“Everybody has experienced a time in their life when they are short on funds,” she says. “I think many folks don’t realize lots of people are one paycheck away from experiencing homelessness.” She’s excited to donate profits from the book to Roof Above.  

You can purchase the book via Amazon, or view the publisher’s website for more options.