Mr. Berry’s Story

October 4, 2023

Meet Quintin, who has “Walked That Mile” to housing with support from Roof Above. 

Quintin’s charm and quick wit are magnetic. A rising star in high school, he was a talented quarterback and the vice president of student government. He became a father at a young age and joined the Marines after graduation, serving for six years.

He’s always been curious, which led him to pursue studies as a paralegal, to coach children’s sports, including a Special Olympics team, and to attend culinary school. 

Ever curious, Quintin also made choices that eventually led him to prison. While incarcerated, he felt a spiritual call to preach and wrote a sermon called “U-turn.” He asked himself, “Who are you to take away what God gives? God gives you your freedom.”

That perspective shift nudged him to change his life, as did the heartbreaking loss of his mother, whom he described as his best friend, while he was in prison. After being released, he also experienced the tragic losses of his son and grandson. He grew tired of “being in the street,” so he went to Roof Above’s shelter. 

Quintin describes his journey to housing as an answered prayer. He has been safely housed in one of our permanent supportive housing sites for a year. He says, “I got what I asked God for, a roof over my head. At Roof Above.”

These days, Quintin spends time with his family, including his four great-grandchildren. He’s using his curiosity to pursue his enjoyment of books, food and music. He’s also written a few sermons.

He’s not sure yet when he’ll share those sermons he’s written. He says, “I’m gathering myself spiritually, which is a challenge considering the life that I’ve lived previously. I’m learning to accept that I’m here for a purpose. I get to share with everybody that things can change.”