Rashee’s Story: Small but Significant Steps

December 8, 2023

 Sometimes our work is dramatic and headline-making, but more often, we show up every day and walk with people through small shifts. Those small changes, added together, can lead to big impact. 

Rashee moved to Charlotte in 2021 seeking opportunity. He began by staying in Airbnbs, and then, when his money ran thin, staying with friends until he lost his housing and turned to Roof Above for help. It was a low moment, but one that taught him: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”  Roof Above connected Rashee to MeckHOME, our year-long roommate housing program for employed men experiencing homelessness. Even with subsidized housing and splitting bills with his roommate, Rashee struggled to manage his expenses. An unexpected car repair caused him to miss rent. That was a wake-up call. “I was just spending money as soon as it came in, on whatever I wanted,” Rashee reflected. “When I thought I might be out, it was horrible.”

Rashee’s Roof Above case-management team stepped in to help him put to work some of the critical skills necessary to maintain housing: skills like budgeting, saving and goal setting. He says, “They showed me how to budget by putting cash in envelopes. I still do that today.” Envelope budgeting — a small change that made a big impact in Rashee’s life.

Rashee learned how to maintain housing and thrive. He improved his credit score by nearly 200 points and paid off a past eviction: “It felt great to put that behind me.”

Those wins allowed Rashee to lease an apartment in his own name and to buy a more reliable car. He’s been promoted to a leadership role in his job and his next goals are for career growth and home ownership. 

Roof Above walked with Rashee from homelessness to financial independence in a series of small but significant steps.

Rashee with Vonda(left) and Anita (right), who are part of our MeckHOME team