Finding Calm and Fulfilling Purpose: Pedro’s Story

December 11, 2023

Pedro has an infectious laugh and smile. Both are on display when he’s gathering with others to share experiences. Whether it’s playing bingo with his neighbors, listening to mariachi with his friends, or attending church with his brothers, Pedro can be counted on to show up and help out.  

Pedro says, “I have to be active, and I like to participate in the activities. I feel useless when I don’t do anything.”  In August, he walked alongside the Roof Above team marching at the Charlotte Pride Parade. 

Pedro grew up near lots of water in Rioverde, Mexico, with his older brothers. He immigrated to the United States twenty-eight years ago. He experienced homelessness several times in those years, and he lived outside for more than a year prior to moving into permanent supportive housing. Being a tenant at SECU The Rise on Clanton has given him the opportunity to connect with his community in meaningful ways. He says, “I am very calm living here. My life is comfortable, and I’m not struggling in the street.”

Having a safe, stable home has been critical to Pedro’s health because he is recovering from open-heart surgery. He surprised his medical team by walking four laps around the hospital floor just a day after his surgery. 

Pedro’s heart and zest for life are indomitable. He says, “Yes, thank God. Here I am.”